Four Feng Shui Tips for Kids Room

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating a harmony, a balance within the environment surrounding an individual, the individual himself and objects. The purpose is to promote uninterrupted and balanced flow of the positive energy through the area where it is applied.

People have been designing and decorating their houses, offices, kid’s rooms, kitchens etc. as per feng shui. The feng shui tips for kid’s room point towards few of the most common ways to inculcate feng shui in the room of the kid.

For all those parents who wish to make their kids’ room more peaceful and promote positive outflow there, can follow any of the tips below:

feng shui tips for kids room

1. Placement and Type of Bed

The correct placement of the bed is of importance when it comes to the flow of positive energy in a room. Some feng shui experts believe that there is a commanding position in the room and placing the bed in this position promotes good, peaceful sleep and thoughts by putting the kid in command of his/ her room. The commanding position is diagonally across the entry door. Facing the door lets the kid have command over who is entering the room and when. Also, make sure that the bed is not directly in line of the entry door.

Many parents tend to use bunk beds for their kids, but beliefs in feng shui suggest that having an overhead implies pressure on the kid who uses the bed below.

The Colors and the Walls

Using the right colors for your kid’s room is very important as it can stimulate the child’s mood, can add to the peace and serenity of the room; while the wrong colors can dampen the spirits and bring out negative energy. To bring the perfect balance of yin and yan to the room, use colors that are neither too bright nor too dark. Pastel colors cast a soothing and a relaxing environment in the room.

Besides the colors in the room, focusing on the art and the poster/ pictures on the walls is also important. Put up calming pictures on the walls. Some suggest that putting up a good picture of parents can counter behavioral issues and establish authority in the child

De-Clutter and Proper Organization

Removing all of the clutter in the room is extremely, extremely important. This is because too much cluttering leads to a lot of chaos in the area of the room thus resulting in a low flow of positive energy.

A room that is properly organized promotes ample space for energy to flow and add loads of positives to the region.

A Study Space

As per feng shui creating a separate study pace for your kids, even if it is within the room can help in shedding appropriate light on the importance of studying and education. This way you can inculcate a sense of educational achievement within the child. The northeast corner of the kid’s bedroom is suggested as an appropriate position for placing the study table.