Top 10 Feng Shui Tips to Follow

Feng Shui is an age old practice which promotes simple, useful and practical ways to create your home in such a way that it will bring you luck, happiness and success. Feng Shui is a system which claims to enhance lives by suggesting some changes in positions, appearance and angles of items placed in your indoor spaces. If you are interested in the practice of Feng Shui, then you can follow the given below 10 Feng Shui tips:

feng shui tips to follow

  1. Make your entryway entrancing-Feng Shui considers the entryway to be the mouth of chi where all opportunities come in from. To make the entryway inspiring, you can add fresh door mats, add colorful pots, paint the door in the color you love, clean the cob webs, replace any broken bulbs and create a welcoming environment.
  2. Arrange furniture pieces of furniture in the empowered position-this means that arrange furniture in such a way that the main furniture pieces face the open doorway.
  3. Remove unfriendly furniture-any furniture piece that you may bump on or can bruise you must be removed from the house. Replace sharp edged furniture with the ones with rounded edges.
  4. Clear the clutter-Feng Shui promotes we are energetically connected to things we own. Thus, it is best for you to keep your house clutter free and away from dust, dirt, shabbiness and anything which sucks the energy out of us.
  5. Replace all broken things-you must care for your home as you care for yourself. Thus it is important to replace all broken things, cracked things, rotting items and those which are molding. The more perfect the things around you, the more perfect your life will be.
  6. Move furniture away from fans and beams-another tip is to move the furniture that you spend maximum time on away from ceiling fans and beam lights.
  7. Live with what you love-you must remove anything which you don’t love. Make sure you live with only what you really love. Things you love will inspire you and keep you energized.
  8. Bring in nature-bring in as much greenery and nature inside your house as possible. Nature realigns your energy fields and makes you feel whole.
  9. Update your color scheme-color has a huge impact and you must update your color scheme with colors you like the most.
  10. Create the right amount of activity- bedrooms are passive spaces and offices are active. Create a balanced environment with the right amount of activity in it.

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