6 Common Chinese Herbs You Must Try

As the assortment of medicines flow through the market today, people still rely on Chinese herbs as an alternative source for cures.

The number of illnesses found today is still growing as day to day lives are spent performing duties that are demanded from work or even from home. It is no surprise that sicknesses may even come from generic origins.

Chinese herbs have been known to exist since the time of the ancient Chinese periods. First used as ingredients for food, it eventually became science to cure diseases that have been inflicting the populace during those times.

Even today, Chinese herbs are still in demand, although it is claimed that there is no official medical statement that they can guarantee consistency in curing, thus the term given to it; alternative medicine.

Perhaps Chinese herbs, in its raw form, may seem skeptical to others in the medical field of science, but if carefully examined, are usually major ingredients in manufactured drugs being sold in the market today.

The reason for this is that, in essence, you cannot deny Chinese herbs of its healing capabilities and how it can impact a person’s body.

Both ancient and modern day herbologists know that the extracts from Chinese herbs are very potent and in fact cure almost all ailments known to man.

Here are some of the examples of Chinese herbs most commonly used today:

1. Green Tea

    Used since the ancient times, green tea has polyphenols that act as an antioxidant that relieves the body of its wastes and allows for proper body rejuvenation to occur.

    2. Ginseng

      These very popular ancient Chinese herbs have ginsenocides which stimulate energy from within the body. Its effects help the body cope with extreme sex, increased libido, and body alertness which is very important in daily life. Another interesting trait it has is its ability to keep the body warm.

      3. Dang Gui

        This herb promotes good blood circulation for the body. It is usually made into a tonic, and is said to promote proper menstrual cycles in females.

        4. Cibotium

          The use of this herb is one that can be utilized for many ailments. It is usually made into a tonic and is known to relieve back pain, muscle pains, and weak knees alike. It is also good for the kidney.

          5. Morinda Root

            This herb is said to promote good blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. Its contents also promote for good libido as well. It is said to promote longevity in ones life.

            6. Amber

              In general, this is said to be hardened sap and is used to cure sleeping disorders such as insomnia.

              Most Chinese herbs can usually be found in Chinese areas in your locality. Although it is tough to actually find those who sell the herb in its raw form, you will find that they have already been processed for use and sold in capsules, tablets, or syrups packaged and ready for consumption. Chinese herbs are cheap and very affordable to ones budget.