Catnip Tea – Explore The Many Benefits

If you are thinking about having some catnip tea, you should know that this is an intoxicating herb that has a lot of benefits. It is native to Asia, Europe, Africa, and Eurasia. It is a member of the mint family and it is also known as catmint, field balm, and catswort.


You might wonder why people would wish to sweat. In case of a high fever sweating could help getting the fever down. Catnip is also effective in case of the flu or a cold because it also acts as a decongestant.

Pain and Cramps

The majority of women experience some pain and cramps during their menstrual cycle. Catnip may help with this pain. Besides this, it can also regulate the menstrual cycle.


Another good thing to know about the herb is that it can make migraines better. It has relaxing and calming effects that can make nervousness, anxiety, tension and restlessness better.


Like it or not, your body is filled with different kinds of toxins. Catnip can flush these toxins out of the body while offering support to the digestive system. Specialists claim that catnip also has diaphoretic properties.

Catnip Leaves

As strange as it may sound, chewing fresh catnip leaves can make toothaches better along with stomachaches. In the past, mothers used to offer catnip leaves to their babies if they were experiencing pain during teething.

Asthma and Bronchitis

If you happen to like catnip tea, it might be helpful having some if you are affected by asthma or bronchitis. The effects of the tea are mild and the good news is that there are no associated side effects.

Bloodshot Eyes

In case you have bloodshot eyes because of allergies or an inflammation, you could use catnip tea to wash the eyes. Besides this, you can also use catnip in case of scalp irritations. You just have to boil the leaves, strain them, and place them on the affected scalp.

Bowel Problems

The majority of the people are skeptical about the properties of catnip. However, it is known that it can be used for inflammatory bowel conditions, constipation, and infections.

Although you may not think much of catnip, as you can see, it might do more for you than you have thought. Even though it might not replace medication, you can be sure that catnip will help in case of the majority of the health problems that you might have.