Cluster Headaches And Kudzu

The respected medical journal, which goes under the name Headache, has published the results of a survey into the effects of kudzu root and extracts from the plant and its use in combating cluster headache problems.

The results of the survey suggest that the wild vine may contain components that are effective in combating the problem.

This is not exactly a new discovery as the Chinese were using this as a headache cure nearly 2000 years ago.

Scientists believe that it increases the amount of blood flowing to the brain thus reducing or eliminating the effects of cluster headaches. The survey was conducted by the prestigious Yale University School of Medicine.

They studied a small group of users of kudzu, they found that over 70% of sufferers noted a marked decrease in the number of cluster headache attacks they suffered. Over 35% said that the length of time that the headaches lasted had decreased.

Chronic sufferers of the ailment reported that a significant percentage (40%) had shorter headache events, while 60% reported less frequent attacks.

The plant was found growing wild all over Asia but citizens in many US states will recognize the vine which is commonly used to stop soil erosion at the side of highways.