Folk Medicine For Natural Healing Of Different Ailments!

Folk MedicineFolk medicine is traditional healing practice which is used for alleviating illness and injury and provides aid while giving birth to child.

It is not a scientific medicine but folk medicine is more formal and systematic medicine.

Folk medicine uses many plant derived remedies and by using folk medicine, you can keep your self away from modern medical services.

Folk medicines are available for curing both physical and mental illness.

You can use plant or tree roots, fruits, insects, and food items for treating cancer, malaria, warts, sore throats to arthritis, impotence, high blood pressure and infected wounds.

Folk medicine from different plants:

Some plants are also used as folk medicines. The below folk remedies are used for treating many physical disorders.

  • Chokecherry plant as remedy: It is used for treating pneumonia. It also treats cold, cough and clears your throat. You can use it by boiling chokecherry plant bark and make it as tea.
  • Juniper plant as remedy: It is used for treating kidney ailments. You can use it by crushing berries and mix it in tea and consume.
  • Labrador plant as remedy: You can use the leaf of Labrador plant for having relief over cold, flu and stomach upset. First you have to dry these leaves and make it into tea. Use this mixture as folk remedy.
  • Dandelion plant as remedy: This plant leaves are boiled freshly and used as the blood purifier.
  • Balsam plant as remedy: You can use the sap of balsam fir for healing a cut by spreading sap over the cut.
  • Haw thorn bush as remedy: It is used for treating sore throat. This is used by boiling the bush and gargling with liquid.

Many plants synthesize the substances and are used for maintaining health condition. All the above remedies are folk remedies which are used for treating different physical disorders.

Natural Folk medicine as herbal medicine:

  • Fresh steaks and poltice is used for treating infected wounds.
  • Molasses is used for treating sore throat and used for treating baby’s teeth problem.
  • Fresh cucumber and wet bag tea is used for treating bad eye.
  • Garlic is used for reducing high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • Juice from nim leaves is used for curing malaria.

Natural folk medicines are safe to use as they will not cause any side effects and chemical reactions. These are also called as home remedies.

These remedies are used for curing different ailments such as abdominal pain, chest pain, blood pressure, blood poisoning, anemia, arthritis, bone crackling, burning tongue, bladder infection, diarrhea, dermatitis, dehydration, dry skin, ear ache, eczema [Eczema Treatment] and many other skin diseases and physical disorders.

Different methods of folk medicine used in treatment with the help of herbs, animal parts, ceremony, conjuring, magic, witchcraft and many other means are used. This treatment is done apart from medical science.

Folk medicine is simple and easy to use. There are no risks and side effects involved in taking this medicine.