The Top 6 Health Benefits of Aloe Ferox

Aloe Ferox or Bitter Aloe is obtained from a succulent and heart plant which is grown in extremely arid conditions like the one which is found in South Africa.   The Aloe Ferox plant gives out two different kinds of saps-Aloe Bitters which is used for its laxative nature and Aloe Gel which is used for skin care and as a constituent in health drinks.

Some of the other names from which Aloe Ferox is known as are Cape Aloe and Tap Aloe. There are many benefits of Aloe Ferox and some of the primary ones have been mentioned below for your reference.

health benefits of aloe ferox                                Interesting Facts about Herbal Medicine

1. It Acts as a Wonderful Laxative

Aloe Ferox is mainly used for its laxative properties and when it is applied to commercial use; it is referred to as bitter aloe rather than aloe Ferox.  Laxatives are basically used to stimulate the bowel movements and also to purse the intestines.  It has been found that patients with irritable bowel syndrome great benefit from aloe Ferox and show improvement if it is taken for 4 weeks.

2. Reduces/Cures Sexually Transmitted Infections

Another superb health benefit of aloe Ferox is that it helps to reduce and even cure many types of sexually transmitted infections. This happens because compounds present in Aloe Ferox sap have antimicrobial properties which help to fight the infections and thus provide relief.  One of the infections that is fought brilliantly using Aloe Ferox is gonorrhea.

3. Helps to Heal Wounds

Aloe Ferox contains several compounds which exhibit amazing therapeutic properties and thus aid the healing process on the wounds. Aloe Ferox also helps to inhibit the microbial growth and action. Moreover it has no side effect on the skin as compared to other various other types of wound healers. It thus has a wonderful medicinal potential as a wound healer.

4. Helps to Relieve Allergies

Another superb benefit of aloe Ferox is that it helps to relieve symptoms of many types of allergies like rhinitis and nasal mucous etc.  It also helps to relieve the symptoms of inflammation.

5. Use in Cosmetics

Aloe Ferox also yields a non bitter gel which is found in cosmetics.  Several skin care and cosmetic products are made using this non-bitter gel as it helps to soothe skin problems, irritation, acne, sun tan and other skin conditions. It also helps to provide a glow to the skin, making it look younger and healthier.

6. Other Benefits

There are many other benefits of aloe Ferox like it helps to stimulate the growth of lymphocytes which form a crucial part of the immunological defense mechanism as well as that of the fibroblastic cells in skin. These cells are also an important part of the connective tissues and thus prove helpful as far as soothing of the tissues in the intestinal tract is concerned. Also, aloe Ferox is analgesic, immune modulating, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and even anti-tumor.  It can reduce cholesterol and also lowers triglycerides levels.

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