Helpful Herbs For The Treatment Of Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are a dreaded monthly enemy of every woman. Some of you can experience mild pain while others can suffer with extreme pain, which interfere with their daily life.

If you are tired of taking drugs, you can try herbal medicines. But, before taking any herb, consult your health care provider.

Here are few Chinese herbs that are proven to decrease menstrual cramps.

Dong Quai

It is a Chinese Angelic root which is commonly used to regulate menstrual cycle and has effective pain reduction properties.

This particular Chinese herb is more frequently used in combination with other herbs for treatment of various other health conditions including premenstrual syndrome.

Yi Mu Cao

It is a Chinese Motherwort that belongs to mint family. It is popularly known to treat various menstrual problems including menstrual cramps. It also improves blood circulation and also regulates menstrual cycle.

Chuan Xiong

It is dried root that has been used from centuries to treat menstrual disorders. This particular Chinese herb not only has pain relieving properties, but also has various anti bacterial properties to treat various skin conditions.

Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon bark has been used from thousands of years to treat menstrual problems. It works effective to relieve menstrual cramps. If taken in excess, there can be some side effects.

Red/white Peony root

Usually, peony root is cultivated as ornamental plant. But it has very effective pain relieving properties and it is also used for a wide variety of gynecological problems.