Herbal Acne Remedy For Effective Acne Control!

Herbal Acne RemedyApproximately ¾ of all teenagers and young adults suffer from the condition of skin called acne. Usually acne occurs at the age of 20-30.

Acne formation takes place when the oil and dead skin cells clog the skin’s pores.

Most of the time, acne affects the places where oil glands are higher such as cheeks, nose, forehead, trunk, chin and back.

Acne persists in females for longer durations and males are also more likely to suffer from acne. Some males can also have more severe acne than in females.

Also, there is a chance to develop acne during infancy [Baby acne]. If you had tried all types of conventional medicines to get rid of your acne, then once you can try for herbal acne remedy. In most of the cases it showed good results.

Different types of herbal acne remedy:

Azadirachta indica (neem): Neem is one of the greatest detoxifiers and blood purifiers. Most often, neem is used as herbal acne remedy for sustaining healthy skin. Also, neem is scientifically proven as effective for many conditions.

Neem greatly enhances your immune properties and also acts as a booster for the macrophage’s efficiency. Neem acts as a powerful external applicant in many of the skin conditions. Neem energizes the lymphocytes cells and responds to the various infections.

This herbal acne remedy can effectively kill the bacteria causing acne. Most of the studies confirm that neem can effectively reduce the inflammation, which is caused by acne.

Haemafine syrup: It is most widely used herbal remedy for various types of skin conditions through the process of blood purification. Not only this herbal acne remedy gives a natural glow to your skin, but it also greatly enhances your complexion and offers you an ultimate cure for acne, eczema, pimples, nose bleeding, etc.

Commiphora mukul (Shudda Guggul Capsules): This is one of the most famous herbal acne remedy and also used as an effective agent in ayurvedic medicine. These capsules offer strong rejuvenating and purifying powers. Not only acne, but it can also cure many skin conditions like skin rashes, eczema, etc.

Burdock: This herb can greatly enhance the immunity and also purifies the blood. This herbal remedy acts as mild, natural diuretic and also acts as a usual liver tonic. These diuretic and laxative properties help to remove the toxins from the body system. It also works well against fungal, tumors, bacterial and inflammatory infections.

Most often, this herbal acne remedy is recommended for dry and scaly skin. You can also take this in the form of capsules or you can prepare it as acne fighting tea.

Dandelion: It is one of the most famous remedial substances for healing liver. It is scientifically proven that this herb has effective diuretic properties. You can get effective relief from constipation and it also reduces swelling and bloating.

Red clover: This is the herb, which is most commonly suggested for various types of skin conditions. It acts as a diuretic. But, still it is exactly unknown how effective it works for skin conditions.

Yellow dock: This is another herb that effectively works in blood purification. Some of the herbalists showed that with the continuous use of this herb, you can get relief from skin problems like acne.

Yellow dock tea is recommended for healthy and glowing skin. Yellow dock is not recommended for those who have kidney stones.

Before trying any of these herbal acne remedy, it is better to consult your skin specialist. He can suggest you whether the usage of these herbs are safe for your health or not.