Herbal Alternatives for Anxiety

In case you are looking for herbal alternatives for anxiety most probably you have in mind symptoms like muscle tension, worry, irritability, fatigue, inability to concentrate, upset stomach, headache and restlessness. The traditional treatments include medication and counseling, but some herbs could help you as well.

Herbal Alternatives for Anxiety


Lavender can be used to treat many different problems, including hair loss, insomnia, stress and anxiety. According to the research done in this field, lavender can help with insomnia, it can raise the mood, improve relaxation and it can relax the nervous system.

The good news about the herbal treatments for anxiety is that you can use lavender aromatherapy to treat both anxiety and depression. You can use lavender in the form of bath gel, oil, lotion, tea, soap and extract. Talk to a health practitioner to find out how this herb can be of advantage of you.

St. John’s wort

When thinking about the herbal alternatives for anxiety it is good to know that the herb is often used to treat mental illnesses, malaria and anxiety. Some of the studies show that the herb can be used to efficiently treat depression, but there is need for more extensive research in the field.

You can use this one of the herbal cures for anxiety in the form of extract, capsule or tea. If you are planning on using this supplement you should discuss it with your doctor first. This is important because it can interfere with some kinds of medication such as antidepressants, heart medications and birth control pills.

Kava Kava

This one of the herbal alternatives for anxiety seems to be quite efficient. You should take 100-200 mg of it 2-4 times per day. Nonetheless you should know that according to the FDA in some rare cases kava kava can cause irreversible liver damage. Talk to your doctor about this herb and don’t use it longer than a few days.


Smaller doses of valerian can be used as anxiety herbal cures. To treat mild or moderate anxiety you might use this herb along with St. John’s wort or lemon balm. This is one of the herbs that can interfere with other drugs that you might be taking.

Naturally there are some other herbal alternatives for anxiety as well that you could try. The best thing you can do is to talk to a specialist about them.

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