Why to Beware Of Herbal Enhancement Supplements

There are so many herbal enhancement supplements on the market today. For men, they promise to do everything from improve male sexual dysfunction to increase the size of the male member. For women they promise to do everything from increase breast size to a non-surgical face lift.

Add to this the fact that there are all sorts of supplements out there that claim to improve the memory, enhance concentration, gain muscle and even make a person taller! So how much should you and I believe of all the claims that are made by the manufacturers of herbal enhancement supplements?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

If the manufacturer is making claims of their product being able to offer miraculous results, this should instantly make you suspicious. If it tells you that you can get results without efforts you should be skeptical. Make sure you read all the fine print. It will probably say somewhere that “results are atypical” or a similar disclaimer will be made.

Check user reviews

It is always a good idea to check reviews for any herbal enhancement supplements that you plan to use. And do not rely on reviews that are posted on the website of the product. They are bound to be biased or in cases may be actually fraudulent. Instead read reviews on websites such as Amazon where both sides are likely to be represented.

Check ingredients

This is very important to do, so that you don’t end up consuming any toxic ingredients, heavy metals or any banned substances. The ingredient list is also important to check so that there are no negative reactions to other medications you may be on, or allergic reactions to the herbal enhancement supplement.

Check for approvals

Have the herbal enhancement supplements undergone proper trails? Have they been granted the requisite approvals and permissions? FDA approval or approvals from similar controlling authorities will guide you as to the safety and efficacy of the supplement that you plan to take.

Are claims supported by clinical trials?

Supplement manufacturers could make claims such as ‘clinically proven’, or ‘backed by research’ or ‘doctor recommended’. There are statements that could be open to a lot of different interpretations, remember. What research, which doctor and what sort of study is something you should find out about.

What tests have the herbal enhancement supplements undergone and have they been tested for a long enough time to determine their effect over a longer period?