Herbal Remedies For Menopause Symptoms Explained!

herbal remedy for menopauseIn the ages between 45 and 55, menopause occurs. At this time, particularly in the progesterone and estrogen, menstrual cycles are finished and levels of hormones are dropped.

During menopause, you can feel the numerous symptoms that range from insomnia and moodiness to vaginal dryness and hot flashes.

You can face risk of heart disease and osteoporosis due to the reduction of hormone levels.

If you want to overcome the menopause symptoms, then proper exercise, diet and environmental related factors are important.

Some of the risks and symptoms which are connected with menopause can be healed with herbal remedy for menopause.

Some herbs and plants contain the compounds called phyto estrogens which will take off estrogen in a gentle way to prevent the symptoms of menopause.

You will get these phytoestrogens from the products of soybean such as tempeh, tofu and soy nuts, which are roasted.

Some of the Herbal remedies for treating symptoms of menopause:

Herbal remedy for menopause symptom – hot flashes

The successfully used herbal remedy for menopause is licorice. You can also get phyto estrogens from alfalfa, red clover and black cohosh. With the regular use of these herbs, you can reduce hot flashes.

Sometimes you can feel beneficial by taking extract of black cohosh in separated doses of eighty milligrams each day.

You can relieve symptoms and can keep hold of bone density with wild yam, a herbal remedy for menopause. Wild yam contains progesterone like substance, so you can use it for getting relief from menopause symptoms.

The menopause woman can be benefited from the other compounds of wild yam. Component of fiber which is present in lignans also take action as phytoestrogens. You can get lignans from whole grains, flax, some vegetables and legumes.

You can get relief from hot flashes with the help of bioflavonoid and vitamin C. You can get these vitamins from vegetables which are present in your garden.

Vegetables like beet greens, parsley, salad greens, peppers, melons, berries, apricots and citrus fruits contain vitamin C and broccoli in huge amounts. The foods which are high in vitamin C generally contain bioflavonoid.

For example, the items which are rich in bioflavonoid are the white covering on the exterior of peeled orange and the white ribs in bell pepper. So, you should consume them without throwing them outside. Bioflavonoid is also rich in elderberries, hawthorn berries and bilberries.

Herbal remedy for menopause symptom – vaginal dryness:

For anti-action of vaginal dryness, you should take herbs which are high in vitamin E and A. You can get these vitamins from calendula and aloe Vera. You can use solution of calendula as douche.

For balancing hormones of postmenopause, you should take dong quai or Chinese angelica, which is an herbal remedy for menopause. You should not use Chinese angelica when you are nursing or during menstruation or pregnant. Try a natural menopause remedy to help relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

Herbal remedy for menopause symptom – insomnia:

Drink a cup of valerian and chamomile tea, one hour before bedtime, if you are distressed from insomnia symptoms.

These herbal remedies for menopause are used to relieve from symptoms of menopause.