Herbal Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem which affects a large population on the planet and is a major reason for the distress of many females as well as males. Sure, there are many hair loss tonics, creams and lotions which promise reduced hair loss but do they really work? Well even if they do, they are mostly full of chemicals which can be harmful if used in the long run.Herbal Treatment for Hair Loss

For this reason, it is always better to use herbal products that can help in the reduction of hair loss from the scalp.  Below given part of the article mentions about some of the best herbal treatments for hair loss.

Herbal Treatment for Hair Loss

  • Application of coconut oil mixed along with raw amla juice can help in the prevention of hair loss and promote healthy growth of hair.
  • Another herbal method of prevention hair loss is by applying almond oil on the scalp on a regular basis.
  • If you are suffering from the problem of hair loss and want to stop it, then you can also use fresh juice of spinach on the scalp and leave it there for some time. This will ensure that hair loss is reduced but only works if you use this method on a regular basis.
  • Applying neem paste on the scalp makes sure that you do not develop any infections which may cause hair loss.
  • Massaging the hair by using coconut milk is another way to treat hair loss.  If this doesn’t work, then you can replace coconut milk with warm mustard oil mixed with henna.  This massage treatment helps in improving the blood circulation and aids the growth of hair.
  • Using a mix of amla, curd as well as shikakai is also an effective herbal treatment for curing the problem of hair loss. Infact this mixture also acts like a good conditioner.
  • If you mix grounded fenugreek seeds with water, if applied on the scalp on a regular basis then it can help in fighting dandruff but only works if it is kept for atleast half hour.
  • If you massage your hair regularly by using aromatic oils such as titri and rosemary etc, then even this can help in reducing the problem of hair loss and hair fall.
  • Another herbal method for reducing hair loss is by using henna and honey pack frequently.

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