6 Herbs to Build Strong Immune System

The immune system can be defined as a network of cells and organs that participate in the process of synchronizing responses of body to defend infection and diseases. It has the capacity to communicate with the system to trigger an instantaneous response to a crisis and act rendering to the harshness of the infection. It has the power to remember the pattern of diseases and helps body in the secretion of cells to defend from infections.

Herbs to Build Strong Immune System


Immune system depends on good sets of genes. Those who are not blessed with this have to accumulate immune power by taking good nutrition, developing healthy active lifestyle and sufficient rest. Studies show that adequate sun as well as stress reduction process assists to increase immunity power of your body.

Immune system is highly dependable on the stomach system of your body. Those who suffer from malnourishment should intake healthy diet. Some of the succeeding herbs that can help you to build a strong immune system include the following:


It is an effective herb of Native American origin. It was first used as medicine in 1887. It can be combined with tea or goldenseal which is another kind of herb, to prevent common cold as well as upper respiratory infections. Dosage can vary from 900 mgs to 1200 mgs per day. However it should be remembered that intake of this herb more than eight week will make your blood thin.


It  popularly known as Korean Ginseng is best known as an anti-cancer as well as an anti-inflammatory herb. Not only immunity power it also aids to develop psychological function and diabetic condition of your body.


It is very familiar to your daily household doings. It prevents cardiovascular illness, inflammation, cholesterol and blood clotting. According to the research it has the power of inhibiting the pattern of genes associated with inflammation


Its a Chinese herb is known to strengthen immunity. As per Chinese medicines it also contests cancer. Its anti-oxidant property helps your body from urinary infections.


Another Chinese herb, Astragalus assists digestion and adrenal gland system of your body. It stimulates stomach acidity and elevation of waste elimination. Common cold and flu can be defended with it. In 1994 Italian study shows combination of ligustrum and Astragalus are very effective on breast cancer patients.

Cat’s claw

Cat’s claw contains oxindole alkaloids which enhances immunity power to swamp and abolish pathogens. It is most often used to overcome stomach problems. Research shows that is very effective in AIDS and cancer therapies. It also abolishes the damage effect of chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy. Combining with aloe-vera and wild yam it enhances its anti-viral power.

So make these herbs a part of your diet to get a strong immune system.