Medicinal Herbs: Some Tips On Using Them Safely For Your Family

medicinal herbsCost of prescription medicines is soaring, many people are questioning the increasing amounts of chemicals and artificial substances we are putting in our bodies and others just want to return to a simpler answer for their problems.

For all these reasons, and more, increasing numbers are turning to herbal preparations and medicinal herbs for the treatment of their health problems.

Herbal medicines have been around for centuries and many of the medicinal herbs in use today are being used in the same way they were hundreds of years ago. There is an alternative medicinal herb for many of the ailments that people have today.

Herbal preparations come in many different forms these days where once the natural healer would have gathered the herbs fresh and prepared the treatment specifically for the patient, these days there are pills, powders, lotions, drops and creams available to buy.

Not all medicinal herbal products are created equal; the raw ingredients could have different purity and strength, the manufacturing process may damage or even destroy some of the ingredients, the concentration of the key elements may be weak and savvy advertising on the bottle may tempt consumers to buy. All is definitely not equal.

It is important, when choosing medicinal herbs, to buy products that contain 100% of the active ingredient. These are usually available in capsule form and have the ground herb inside. Educate yourself on the subject of what different medicinal herbs are used for.

Don’t try and learn it all at once; choose a few common ailments you and your family face, and research the herbs that can be used in these few cases. When you have those mastered, then start to research another few herbs, and so on.

Become good at reading labels and learn to compare different products on the shelves. Read labels for dosage amounts; some herbs can be dangerous if taken in large doses and others will be ineffective if taken in small doses.

Herbal preparations are not governed by the strict regulations that prescription medicines are, so make sure you buy only well-known and respected brands.

Be wary of buying medicinal herbs over the internet, as you don’t know where they have come from and how pure they may be.

Individual body chemistry can alter the effects of herbs in different people, and what might work for one, may be less effective for another.

Also remember, herbs can have side effects and can interact with other medications, both herbal and prescription. This is where your research will pay dividends – education is the key to your understanding of the herbs you are planning to use and give to your family.

Learn about the various side-effects of different herbs and the combinations that are safe to use.