Natural Anti-inflammatory Supplements for Lungs

Lungs are an important organ of the body which performs some of the major functions and are very vital for the body system. But there are certain lung diseases which might cause inflammation of this vital body organ and this might also lead to irritation of the lung tissues.  Inflammation of the lung tissues is a condition which is accompanied by pain and a lot of discomfort as well.

To help ease out the inflammation of the lungs, there are many medicines which a doctor might prescribe but you may consider opting for natural anti-inflammatory supplements for the lungs which are available easily and are very effective as well. The following is a list of a few of them.

Natural Anti-inflammatory Supplements for Lungs


This is an herbal supplement which is really helpful in treating the inflammation of the lungs and the lung tissues. It is not only anti-inflammatory but is also an antiseptic and helps in tonifying the lungs.

It is known to treat many other disorders such as tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis and asthma etc. It has a sweet and pungent taste.


Licorice is one natural supplement which is known to treat many conditions and physical problems. Licorice is an herb and also a dietary supplement which also helps in working against the inflammation of the lungs and is helpful in treating several respiratory conditions such as asthma and cough etc. as well. It helps in soothing the mucus membranes of the respiratory tract and eases out the irritation and discomfort.


Another useful natural anti-inflammatory supplement which can be helpful in reducing the irritation in the lungs and the lungs tissues is Echinacea. This herb is a member of the aster family and has cooling and drying tendencies. Its seeds, flowers and roots are known to have many medicinal properties and are hence used to treat lung inflammation as well. Echinacea can help in easing out more than one respiratory infection or problems and was earlier used to treat flu, cold and other kinds of infections etc.

Before opting to use any of the above mentioned natural herbs and supplements for treating lung inflammation, one must gather enough information about them and get to know about their side effects properly. The consultation of a doctor is a must for anyone who is going to treat lung irritation or infection using natural supplements.