Natural Herbs Which Can Cure Many Modest Diseases!

Natural HerbsNatural herbs play an extremely important role in your daily life.

Natural herbs have been around for ages, but they were only limited for adding nutrition and flavor to the human food.

But, now the main source is medicine and healing for many diseases.

Many of you have observed the benefits of natural herbs. Chronic diseased patients have turned to natural remedies for cure, relief and for a better life.

Natural herbs cannot be classified or shorten due to the range and wide spread of the herbs.

Some of the most important and useful herbs are:

Goldenseal: Used to cure Indigestion, constipation, stomachache, ulcers, diarrhea, sore throat, gingivitis, mild conjunctivitis, vaginal irritations, cold, flu and ear aches.

Berberine, a compound present in goldenseal, can kill various germs, bacteria and parasites which cause infections.

Some researches also suspect that they have the ability to activate white blood cells and help them in fighting infections. They can be used as internal and external disinfectant.

Chamomile: Used to cure soothing colds, reduces gum inflammations, treat ulcerative colitis, inflammations, muscle pains and heals wounds.

Chamomile can be used as an ointment to treat maladies like nappy rash, colic and chicken pox in children. It can be used internally or externally but should be kept away from eyes.

Slippery elm bark: Medically used to treat injuries, arthritis, skin injuries, gout, ulcers, respiratory irritations, sore throat intestinal worms, stomach aches and coughs. Also used as skin smoother or softener.

It should be used under the direction of physician for children and the same is recommended for adults too.

Dandelion root: Used to cure breast illness, aching joints and bloating disorders of gastrointestinal system. It can purify blood stream and liver by stimulating the manufacture of bile (an alkaline fluid secreted by liver to digest acids and fats). Beneficial to menopause women, treats anemia, breast tumors and cirrhosis of liver.

An interesting benefit of dandelion root is it maximizes the performance of kidneys, stomach, pancreas and spleen.

Feverfew: Works as pain reliever for arthritis, migraines and decrease menstrual cramps. It also increases appetite and can also cure asthma.

Fresh feverfew is effective than dried feverfew. Tea is also prepared with feverfew leaves and if taken regularly can cure many digestion diseases. This tea can also be applied to the skin which works as a very good insect repellent.

Comfrey: In medieval times, this is used to mend fractured bones. Now, this is used as an antifungal and antibacterial herb treating internally and externally. Reduce inflammation, ease pain, stop swelling of the muscles and shrink blood vessels in case of accident to the blood vessels.

Stimulates the blood vessels to clot in case of any perforation to the blood vessels, help in the growth of the cells and speed up the healing.

Uva ursi: Treat kidney stones, cystitis, urinary tract infections and inflammations. Having qualities such as astringent, disinfectant and antimicrobial used in fighting infections, soothes irritation and reduces inflammation.

Even though it’s safe, some side effects are seen such as an increase in heart rate, insomnia, irritability and vomiting while using this herb. Pregnant women should not use uva ursi.

Though natural herbs do not have any dreadful side effects, don’t exceed the recommended dose and use only under the direction of physician. Do not mix two natural herbs and try to use on your self, this experiment may end up with a bad impact on your health.