The Healing Powers Of Chamomile

chammomileChamomile is known for its soothing powers. It is often used as a tea to promote relaxation.

However, this herb has other beneficial uses as well.

Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile tea is helpful for a variety of digestive complaints, including heartburn, and bowel inflammation.

When cooled chamomile tea or chamomile lotions or tinctures are applied to the skin, they can sooth rashes, sunburn, and other minor skin irritations.

Active chemicals in chamomile work much like anti-anxiety medications. Chamomile tea is good for reducing anxiety, and can help people with insomnia relax and sleep.

Chamomile has properties which are anti-spasmodic, allowing muscles and nerves to relax. People with menstrual cramps and muscle strains are often helped by chamomile.

Azulene, one of the active chemicals in chamomile, is a strong anti-bacterial agent, capable of fighting both streptococcus and staphylococcus.

While most people are familiar with chamomile tea, chamomile is also available in other forms including creams, tinctures, and pills. If you are using an external cream, look for one that contains a minimum of 3 percent chamomile. Look for a minimum of 1 percent Apigenin in tinctures and pills.

Most users of chamomile report no or few side-effects. Always observe recommended doses, and discontinue use and contact your doctor if you experience any reaction.