The Use Of Oregano As An Antibiotic

oreganoIt has been widely recognised that people who partake in a Mediterranean diet live longer and healthier lives.

One of the herbs extensively used in this part of the world is Oregano, which is known for its antibiotic properties.

A more intensive way of obtaining oregano is an essential oil made from the plant that grows abundantly in southern Europe.

The actual herbs itself can be eaten in salads and a variety of Italian cooking but the concentrated version has great healing abilities.

It has been proved to kill undesired bacteria, parasites and fungus. Also Oregano is a very powerful antihistamine commonly used to relieve hay fever sufferers from their symptoms.

If you examine the ingredients found in Oregano it is of no surprise that it is such a useful alternative medicine. Thymol can boost the immune system and protects against harmful toxins.

Terpenes have potent antibacterial properties and Rosmarnic acid is actually stronger than vitamin E as an antioxidant.

Finally, and the most beneficial part of the plant is Carvacrol. This has very powerful antimicrobial abilities which can actually preserve food. Studies of this substance show that it can treat a multitude of infections for example e.coli and salmonella.

Oregano is actually a member of the Mint family and was discovered thousands of years ago in Greece.

Its name derives from the Greek, joy of the mountain, and it is found in the more mountainous parts of the Mediterranean where it is found growing in the wild. It is the real prize amongst healers and alternative medical practitioners.