Ease Body Pain With Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a revolutionary technique for pain relief that is very gentle, and can be used on anyone from infants to the elderly. This type of holistic pain relief therapy is not a massage, acupuncture, and does not involve invasive tools such as taking pills or undergoing surgery.

Bowen therapy simply makes use of the fingers to make gentle movements to the muscles and tissue.

The practitioner will then leave the room between each set of moves, and this gentleness of movement is what makes Bowen therapy very unique and effective. Patients experience pain relief after 2-3 treatments.

History of Bowen therapy

The Australian osteopath Tom Bowen introduced the technique in the 1950s in his home country.

He was known as a gifted healer whose fingers could sense vibrations that signaled pain and discomfort in the nerve endings, tissue, and muscles.

In 1986, Oswald Rentsch introduced the technique to other countries after observing Tom Bowen at work for 2 years.

The Bowen therapy technique

Its unique methodology works in the following ways:

  1. Lymphatic stimulation – The techniques involve procedures through which its therapeutic touch is able to drain the lymphatic system of unwanted toxins, strengthening the immune system.
  2. Harmonic vibration – Bowen therapy works with vibration patterns found throughout the body in order to restore it to balance and well-being.
  3. Joint proprioceptors – Because the therapy focuses on using the fingers and thumbs with gentle massages around the joints, these have a direct effect to the joint capsules and liniments. These hand movements serve as a stimulus to the nervous system, gently normalizing the joint movements without the need for intensive or manipulative treatment.
  4. Fascia – The therapy is conducted in the level of the superficial fascia, which plays a significant role in muscle coordination, posture, and the overall structure of bones and muscles. When the fascia stiffens, contracts, or dehydrates, the entire system is affected negatively. The Bowen therapy is effective in loosening up the stiff fascia and reinstate mobility and functionality of the entire system without the need for harsh methodology or stretching exercises.
  5. Spine reflexes – Through the Bowen therapy’s stimulation of the nerves, muscles, and skin, reactions to internal organs through the spine occur. The process is painless and very effective.

A session of Bowen therapy lasts from 30-45 minutes, with several breaks in between movements. These breaks were developed in order to allow the body some time to react to the treatment.

The first few sessions are aimed towards general healing in the back, and from which they proceed to specific problem areas to get rid of pain. However, in the cases of sensitive patients, sessions may only last for 10-15 minutes each.

After a session, the individual also benefits from the technique as he achieves detoxification. The entire process of the Bowen therapy improves the overall cell structure and functioning of the individual, which makes it effective in preventing future diseases, strengthening the immune system, and curing them of pain.