The Five Elements Or Meridians Theory Of Oriental Medicine

As the importance of healing the organism gains ground even in mainstream medicine, the holistic healing theories are being given due consideration.

And increasingly holistic healing is looking to maintain or restore balance of the body’s different elements to bolster all round well being and wellness.

As the there are the elements that make up the earth so are the elements that make up the human body, and this is the basic principle involving the meridian system of the body. This video at the Huffington Post, talks about the aim to achieve harmony and balance between the body’s elements.

According to Dr. Justin Newman doctor of oriental medicine, the five elements in the Chinese medical system are Fire, Water, Metal, Water and Wood. These elements find their representation in the five seasons as well as they do in the human body.

As these elements are interconnected with one another and support one another in nature, they do the same within the human body.

And the elements in nature support each other to form a whole, so the different organs and systems in the body support each other.

Based on this elements picture it is possible to detect where the imbalance is, or if there is a problem with control in the bodily systems that can help to define a way to cure and to heal based on realignment and rebalancing.