Homeopathic Remedies for Ear Infection and Headaches

One of the charges that detractors of homeopathy level against the practice of this method of healing is that there is no backing of this form of medication with clinical studies and evidence based research.

Since data from a clinical setting is sometimes deemed insufficient, there is much skepticism in respect of how and how much homeopathy works.

Homeopathic Remedies for Ear Infection A preliminary study now however offers hope for migraine sufferers, according to a new report that Reuters speaks of in an article.

A homeopathic remedy consisting of feverfew and ginger for migraine, has been seen as an effective alternative to conventional medicine.

Migraine is thought to cost the economy about $20 billion a year in terms of lost workdays and amount spent on medical care.

Also there are many problems with conventional medicine for migraine – it is known to have side effects, it can be costly to use on a regular basis and for many people, it simply doesn’t work.

The study conducted by PuraMed Bioscience, which makes the homeopathic formulation for migraine found that the ginger and feverfew remedy was in fact effective against migraine and that the findings of the study are real. The best candidates for the remedy are those who experience the kind of migraines that have a slow build up of pain.

A recently launched homeopathic formulation now also helps those with ear infections. Ear infections can be painful and problematic for sufferers and not being able to see what the problem is, can create even more stress for the sufferer.

A new homeopathic formulation called SinusWars, is supposed to resolve specific ear complaints, by targeting and clearing up the sinus infection that is the root of the ear infection thereby also clearing symptoms such as ear discharge, pain, inflammation and so on.

Silica, one of the ingredients helps facilitate ear drainage and belladonna reduces swelling and inflammation.

Other problems that beset people when the weather is wet and humid are respiratory allergic, allergic asthma, problems relating to the digestive tract, leptospirosis, malaria and several kinds of fungal infections. Homeopathic remedies can help resolve all of these conditions, according to homeopathy doctor Dr. Mukesh Batra.

For instance Natrum Sulphuricum, Natrum Muriaticum, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla and Arsenicum Album, are effective against allergies, and can help alleviate symptoms such as headaches, sneezing, runny nose, and throat pain and so on.

As fungi thrive in wet weather, fungal infections are on a rise at this time; which can be remedied by Mercurius Solubilis. A British study also showed that homeopathic treatment helped 80% individuals with allergic asthma.