Homeopathy Is No 1 Alternative To Doctors In Europe

homeopathyWhile there are many who are frankly skeptical to not downright dismissive of homeopathy in the United States, the discipline appears to have rather more credibility in Europe and other parts of the world. Some of these figures are quite remarkable:

  • Studies have been able to demonstrate that people who seek homeopathic treatment tend to be considerably more educated than those who don’t.
  • 75% of Europeans know about homeopathy and nearly 30% of the population use homeopathy as part of their own health care.
  • An estimated 100 million Europeans use homeopathy.
  • In France 16% of the population used homeopathy in 1982 which has grown to an amazing 62% in the year 2004.
  • In a pharmacist survey it was found in 2004, as many as 94% advised pregnant women to use homeopathy.
  • In India 100 million people use only homeopathy as their principle form of medication.
  • In India as many as 82% of homeopathy users will not choose to switch to conventional medications.
  • In Germany all medical school curriculum include information about natural medicines by government mandate.
  • 10 % of german doctors specialize in homeopathic medications.

Source : Huffington Post