In Defense Of Homeopathy

homeopathyThe Huffington Post recently published an article refreshingly supportive of Homeopathy, a discipline often maligned by the conventional medical community in general, and the so called upholders of science in particular.

The article seeks to dispel several myths that are sought to be perpetuated about homeopathy by the ‘skeptics’.

  • Using homeopathy does not preclude use of conventional or mainstream medications. It is simply the fact that homeopaths seek to do the body the least harm and offer the medications with the least side effects.
  • The fact that homeopathy is a tremendously popular alternative treatment is due to the fact that it does indeed work and that people have in fact achieved results ameliorating their conditions due to this medication.
  • For those that claim homeopathy is nothing but placebo treatment, there is the reference to 150 placebo controlled clinical studies that have shown positive results.
  • Homeopathic treatment has been seen to be effective in cell cultures, plants and animals etc. which further disproves the placebo theory.
  • The successes achieved in the field of hormesis (the multidisciplinary science of evaluating the power of small doses of varied biological systems) are also not acknowledged by the skeptics
  • There is actually a lack of understanding and a lack of willingness to understand the processes that govern homeopathy; viz., potentization, dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking) etc.

The skeptics often cite the fact that homeopaths themselves are not able to fully explain how their medications work but the fact is that they do indeed work and if millions swear by them, they have reason enough!