How To Determine If Acupuncture Is The Weight Loss Solution For You?

acupunctureYou have gained some weight and can’t seem to take it off with diet and exercise.

Or maybe you have lost all your weight except those last stubborn five pounds.

You have heard about the latest in alternative medicine which is weight loss solutions through acupuncture.

Chances are you know someone who has chosen acupuncture as the solution to their insomnia or smoking cessation and you are eager to try it as an addition to your weight loss program.

You do have some questions about acupuncture as a weight loss solution though and here we have given you a guide how to determine if acupuncture is the weight loss solution for you:

First you need to acknowledge that while many people have had success through acupuncture with their weight loss it is not proven as is just a tool.

Understand how this ancient and traditional medical practice is thought to work; the tiny needles are put into pressure points around the body which then stimulate endorphins.

Depending upon which endorphins are stimulated the body may begin healing, or decreased need for something such as food or nicotine.

Acupuncture treatment for weight loss will involve the pressure points of the ear, the mouth, the stomach and possibly the spleen and the thyroid. This means the acupuncturist will be placing tiny needles in those pressure points. Most patients of acupuncture do not report much pain.

Of course even if you opt to undergo acupuncture for your weight loss program you will still need to maintain a healthy diet and continue a regime of some sort of physical fitness whether it is taking weight training classes or walking every day for 30 minutes.

The cost of acupuncture can range significantly, however it is quite an expensive form of alternative medicine. A single session of acupuncture can cost anywhere between $75 and $125 depending on the acupuncturist.

The first session should take quite a bit longer as the acupuncturist will need a complete medical history. After the initial session the fees for routine visits may be between $75 and $100 although again it just depends on the acupuncturist.

Currently there are no health insurance companies that cover acupuncture. The United States Food and Drug Administration have deemed acupuncture as a safe alternative medicine and from the millions of acupuncture treatments every year there are only a few complaints.