How To Use Aromatherapy To Treat Insomnia And Restlessness?

oilsMany people do not like to take sleeping aids for insomnia and restlessness.

There are many reasons people do not want to take sleeping aids, the main reason being there is a very large possibility of developing an addiction to the sleeping aid.

There are alternatives to taking over the counter medicines for these ailments and these alternatives are aromatherapy.

In the alternative medicine community it has been proven that certain odors draw out certain emotions and oftentimes these odors engage the body’s own resources to treat and oftentimes cure the ailments.

So while the use of aromatherapy will not act as a sleeping aid or make you sleep it will help your subconscious deal with any stressors or issues which will in turn help you fall asleep and sleep more soundly.

Here we will walk you through how to use aromatherapy to treat and possibly cure your insomnia and nighttime restlessness.

First of all you will need to purchase the pure essential oils that will be used for the aromatherapy mixture. Essential oils can be bought at any whole foods or organic grocery store as well as many specialty boutiques. You will need to purchase Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Chamomile and Margoram.

Once you have purchased the oils you can put a few drops of each into a small container. There are many ways to administer the aromatherapy and here we will give you the two most common and effective ways. First of all you can pour the aromatic blend into your bath water and soak before bed.

Oftentimes a cup of hot chamomile tea will aid in your sleeping better as well. If you are not a ‘bather’  you can also buy an essential oil burner or even use your stove top and let the mixtures of aromatherapy slowly take over your senses for a good night’s sleep.