How to know about your Chi Type

Martial Arts believers say that the instinctive human power is derived from style of controlling your Chi. Chi is actually the energy that is on the verge of materializing to life force. According to the Eastern philosophy, Chi when accumulates together forms life and when it subsides – the body dies.

This is a Chinese concept and there are ways of determining what your chi-type is. Some of the types of Chi are – Yuan Chi, Gu Chi, Ying Chi, Zangfu Zhi Chi, Kong Chi, Zheng Chi etc. If you are able to determine your chi-type, you will realize why you have taken certain decisions and why you think and react the way you do.

know about your chi typeHow to Know your Chi Type?

There are 4 basic types and a simple meditation can determine the type.

  • Sit in a comfortable spot and position and breathe normally. Open your left palm and with your right hand index finger rub the center of your left palm.
  • Keep concentrating on one idea while rubbing your left palm.
  • After you have concentrated for about 5 minutes, open your eyes and stop rubbing your palm.
  • The sensation you feel will correspond to the following chi types:

1. If you feel warm then your chi type is fire.

2. If you feel cool, then it is water.

3. If the sensation is rough it is earth.

4. If you get a smooth sensation then it is wind.

But besides these there are other chi types as well.

  • Prenatal chi is the energy type that a child is born with and this is the result of the chi types of her parents. This chi type along with the child’s individual chi constitutes the base of the child’s energy.
  • Pectoral chi is the result of the air we breathe. Simply put, it is the result of the place we are in. Our surroundings matter a lot when it comes to growth and development. This is the meaning of pectoral chi.
  • Nutritional chi is made of the food we eat and the nourishment we get. If you are more accustomed to eating spicy and hot food, your chi element will develop like that. But if you are used to having food with cooling agents and salads, then the result will be such. This also forms our defense mechanism.

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