How to Quit Smoking Naturally

Many smoking cessation programs utilize decreased doses of nicotine or prescription medication to control cravings. What if you could quit smoking naturally, and without the added cost of medication? There is a time-honored method that has been used for decades by those who want to quit smoking without relying on nicotine to help them quit.

The following program is designed to help you quit smoking naturally by cleansing your body of the nicotine which is the source of tobacco addiction. It has the added benefit of strengthening your immune system and helping your body to heal. Adhere to the steps below exactly to enjoy a smoke free lifestyle after just 7 days!

Items Needed

  • Unsweetened grapefruit juice
  • 500 mg vitamin C tablets
  • Cinnamon mouthwash
  • Cinnamon toothpaste

Step 1 – Write an Affirmation…

Quit Smoking NaturallyThe first step in quitting smoking permanently is making the decision to give up the habit. To re-affirm this in your mind, it is essential that you right down your commitment in your own words.

Write down why you want to quit smoking, the date that you decide to quit, and a promise to yourself and those you love that you give up the habit forever.

Make copies of your affirmation and post them where you can see them as a constant reminder.

Place them on your refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your car, on your desk at work, besides your bed, and any place you think you may need to see that reminder.

Step 2 – Clean House…

Begin by disposing of all lighters, ashtrays and tobacco products. Don’t forget to clean out areas like your car and office where you may have items stashed away.  Destroy them. Don’t store them away somewhere or give them to a friend to “hold on to”. You need to eliminate all reminders of smoking from your life.

Next, clean house. Thoroughly wash your clothes, bedding, and all household items which may retain the odor of cigarette smoke. The scent has a powerful effect on the mind. Getting rid of the odor is critical for overcoming the addiction. With that said, it is also best, at least during this first week, to avoid situations where you will be tempted to light up.

Step 3 – Practice Oral Hygiene…

Upon waking each morning for the next 7 mornings, brush your teeth with cinnamon toothpaste, followed by a cinnamon mouthwash rinse. Repeat these same steps after each meal, and before going to bed at night.

Cinnamon is a warming spice and helps not only speed up the metabolism, but speed up the cleansing process as well. Additionally, the act of brushing the teeth and using mouthwash acts as a deterrent for smoking.

Step 4 – Use Grapefruit Juice…

This is the most important step.  Grapefruit juice is naturally cleansing and helps purge toxins from the body. Drink a glass of grapefruit juice with each meal, and any other time you wish. This is basically an all-natural nicotine cleanse. After this 7 day cleanse, most of the nicotine will be flushed from your system and the physical cravings will be gone.

Step 5 – Take Vitamin C…

Like the grapefruit juice, vitamin C has a cleansing effect. It helps cleanse toxins from the bloodstream and internal organs. It also helps strengthen the immune system and protect the body from free radical damage done by smoking. Think of the vitamin C as damage control. As such, it is important not to skip this step. Take a vitamin tablet along with each meal.

Step 6 – Exercise…

Many former smokers complain that they gained wait when they quit smoking. Find other activities to do during times you tend to smoke, such as after meals or when watching television.  Try going for a walk instead! Find activities that you enjoy that can take the place of smoking.

This may include biking, hiking or practicing a hobby. By avoiding excess eating and snacking, and including a little more exercise in your daily routine, you can avoid the weight gain that is common among former smokers.

Step 7 – Stay committed…

Many former smokers relapse because of lack of commitment. Keep a copy of your affirmation in your wallet or some other handy location where you can pull it out from time to time as a reminder of the promise you made to yourself.

Honor that promise. Although the physical cravings may be gone, there may be lingering emotional cravings. Be true to the promise you made to yourself. In time, all cravings will disappear completely.

Keep in Mind

Following the above steps exactly is vital to the success of this ‘quit smoking naturally’ program. Do not skip any of these steps. If you cannot tolerate the grapefruit jucie, try cranberry juice instead.

If you experience any gastrointestinal discomfort or loose stools from the vitamin C, cut back to 250 mg tablets. Check with your doctor before beginning this or any cleansing program.

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