Evaluating Conversational Hypnosis Techniques

In case you are interested in conversational hypnosis techniques you should know that in this case there is no pendulum hanging in front of you.

The main point is to influence the mind of a person through using the principles of persuasion.

Conversational Hypnosis Techniques

Critical factor

The focus of hypnosis is to get through the critical factor of the brain that makes people disregard the suggestions that seem stupid to them. If someone tells you to jump off the bridge, the critical factor of the brain will negate the suggestion even before the brain has any time to think about it.

If you consider the conversational hypnosis’ techniques you should remember that in some cases the critical factor works against people, for instance when thinking about quitting smoking. When you want to quit your mind will trick you into thinking that you are addicted to the habit and it will stop you.


In case you are thinking about the conversational hypnosis techniques it is important to know that there must be a certain level of trust and openness that you have with the subject. This is known as rapport. The subject has to tell you what’s troubling him or her.

According to the methods of conversational hypnosis you should agree with the statement of the subject. This way there will be no wall in the mind of the subject that would dissuade your suggestions. This way you can prepare for the next step: confusion.


The conversational hypnosis techniques teach you to confuse your subject. After agreeing with him or her you should ask something that would stop the subject thinking about his or her weakness but consider whether it’s possible to change their behavior.


This is the last step of the conversational hypnosis technique. You should let your subject speak about his or her weakness and then say something that suggests the situation already improved. This should be a positive statement. Wait for a response that agrees with your suggestion. You could repeat the confusion stage for a bigger effect. After this you can move on to another suggestion.

The truth is that the conversational hypnosis techniques are a bit more complicated and in order to fully understand them you have to learn about the way the human brain works. This way you will know what to say to reach your goals through hypnosis helping yourself or others achieve the craved purpose.