Hypnosis Can Help With Asthma

According to Dr Mahavash Agah, she and her team at her hypnotherapy clinic have had quite significant success in dealing with asthma using hypnotherapy.

asthma using hypnotherapyThe reason why hypnotherapy can help in dealing with asthma is because asthma is known to be a psychosomatic disorder which can have emotional triggers, apart from merely physiological and physical ones.

Not only does asthma negatively impact quality of life, it also can be expensive to manage and deal with. For these reasons, it is important to find out how hypnosis can help reduce the frequency as well as the severity of asthma attack which is what is being studied by Dr Agah.

The doctor and her team noted that patients who were undergoing hypnotherapy were showing less anxiety before an asthma attack and also fewer successive fits of coughing. Hypnotherapy, they found decreased both the frequency as well as the severity of the asthma attacks.

Also being treated by using hypnotherapy are others, who have been suffering from severe and chronic pains, mental instability and addiction to pain killers. In addition, hypnotherapy can offer great benefits for improving conditions such as fibromyalgia, migraines and headaches, easing and lessening post operative pain and even for managing and reducing labor pains.