Hypnosis For Weight Loss – How You Can Make It Work For You

Hypnosis or the hypnotic state is induced by a series of instructions and suggestions and this state of hypnosis can be used to plumb the unconscious and the subconscious recesses of the mind.

Hypnosis can help to harness the untapped powers of the mind which can help a person achieve things that they ordinarily find difficult.

hypnosis for weight lossHypnosis can be put to many different uses, such as hypnosis for weight loss, for pain management, to cure skin disease, to sooth anxieties and reduce depression, to help get rid of addictions and habitual behavior, and even to improve athletic performance.

Using hypnosis for weight loss employs the psychological approach in dealing with the eating habits and patterns, uncovering the reasons for overeating and reaching the subconscious mind to deal with these factors.

The aim of hypnosis for weight loss is, to stop the cycle of gong on a diet, losing weight and then putting it back on, demoralizing and disappointing the individual.

Hypnosis for weight loss is seen to have a high degree of success, and it can be easily used at home, with the help of audio hypnosis sessions, CDs, etc. to bring about the sort of behavior modifications that result in successful weight loss.

One can Use hypnosis for weight loss in the following ways:

  • Overcoming the habit of eating fast foods and banishing them from one’s life.
  • Preventing boredom eating and comfort eating that have their basis in the person’s psyche.
  • Help in reducing portions.
  • Helping one eat more slowly, thoughtfully and deliberately, to give the brain a chance to register fullness and satiety earlier.
  • Achieving healthier cooking habits, to bring about weight loss.
  • Techniques of hypnosis for weight loss can be used not only to lose weight but also to keep it off by making alterations in one’s lifestyle, their eating habits and their levels of activity.In a sense, the brain can be reprogrammed to adopt a lifelong health diet, making it believe that this is the preferred way to eat.
  • One can get help to stop emotional eating and binging by retaining the brain in a sense.
  • Hypnosis for weight loss programs can also help a person stay motivated, so that they are able to adhere to their weight loss goals better.
  • You can also cut down on unhealthy snacking, midnight snacking and other habits which prevent weight loss.
  • One of the ways in which hypnosis for weight loss can also work is by way of gastric band hypnosis. Here the individual is made to believe that they have undergone gastric band surgery while in hypnotic state, when actually no such surgery took place.

Three basic principles are used to facilitate hypnosis for weight loss – imagery or imagination, where the power of one’s imagination is brought into play to help imagine the present and the desired future as well.

Secondly the power of suggestion is used to impact the mind, and thirdly a person’s underlying motivations are examined to pinpoint the source of the problem.