Hypnotherapists Help One Another Lose Weight

It is unlikely that the creators of Skype ever visualized what all their invention would come to mean for people around the world, and the many different applications it could well be used for – apparently hypnotherapists hypnotizing one another to help lose weight by connecting on Skype is one of those uses!

hypnosis therapy to lose weightThe story is that of Tracy Jones who lived in Wrexham and fellow hypnotherapist Carolyn Arnold living in Newport with the distance of 130 miles between them. Not only do they offer one another hypnosis therapy to lose weight, they also offer the same sort of service to others; their clients.

Tracy Jones of Cariad Hypnotherapy has used self hypnotherapy in the past to get over her third pregnancy, when her second pregnancy ended in a pregnancy loss. She now helps women deal with fertility problems as well as weight loss problems.

She now wants to use the therapy to tackle her own weight issues with the help of someone who would challenge her to do more with herself and to offer support as well.

Meeting Carolyn Arnold who runs Nurturing Life Hypnotherapy, through twitter proved to be fortuitous for both women as they grew to be online friends and then turned into one another hypnotherapists.