Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder With Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapyObsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, is a disorder of the brain that makes a person feel as if they have to do something several times.

For example, the person may feel that they have to physically check that the stove is turned off, even though they know it is off.

These people are often frustrated by the inability to control these urges. If you suffer from this condition, you are probably in search of a treatment. There are many medications on the market today to treat this illness.

However, many can have side effects. A less invasive, and safer treatment method, is hypnotherapy.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

It is believed that hypnotherapy works to eliminate the severity of OCD, because it works within the brain, in the same areas that the thoughts of OCD come from. It is thought that OCD is simply a pattern of thought, which occurs within the brain.

When you undergo hypnotherapy, you can learn techniques to stop these thought patterns, before they can take over.  During the treatment a hypnotherapist can provide the tools to eliminate the fears, anxiety, and obsessions that OCD takes root in.

How Long Does It Take For Hypnotherapy To Work?

The number of hypnosis treatments you will need to undergo, will depend on the severity of your OCD. If you have severe OCD that interrupts your normal daily activity, it may take several treatments to receive help.

However, if your OCD is not severe, it may be possible to find relief in just a few hourly sessions. The only way to know for sure how many sessions will be needed is to start and see how much relief you find.

Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

You may be thinking back to the hypnotist you have seen at the county fair. The one that hypnotizes people, and makes them cluck like chickens, or bark like dogs. However, this should not be a fear if you are seeking medical help through hypnotherapy.

The truth is your body can only be convinced to do things it is willing to do. Your therapist should be very professional, and licensed to provide treatment.

If you are worried about what might occur while you are unconscious, or under, you can always bring a friend or family member with you for support.

Is Hypnotherapy A Legitimate Treatment?

Hypnotherapy is just as legitimate for treating medical conditions, as therapy or counseling are. Many doctors believe that the root of most medical conditions occur within the brain.

Instead of masking the symptoms of OCD with medications, you can go directly to the source of the condition.

After all, when you have a cut on your leg, you probably don’t take a Tylenol and hope it will stop bleeding.  More likely, you probably apply pressure to the wound, and then cover the area with a bandage.

You should do the same thing for OCD; treat the area that is affected directly, by using hypnotherapy, to change your thought patterns.