What Is Underground Hypnosis and Does It Really Work?

Underground hypnosis is something that claims to teach you to hypnotize people, find out things or train your own mind by using covert means.

This is also known as covert persuasion; and supposedly helps us gain self-confidence or self-empowerment and also influence people and achieve goals.

Underground Hypnosis

What is underground hypnosis?

In theory this is a way to subtly communicate with someone’s unconscious mind without their being aware of it. In a sense this is sleight of mind – a way to hypnotize someone using nothing but conversation. The aim is to find out if someone is lying to you, to get them to see your point of view and to influence their thoughts and actions.

Trainers, who impart training in underground hypnosis, claim to be able to teach you to make someone love you who may have hated you previously.

They claim to be able to teach you to get results quickly, by instantly changing someone’s behavior or making them change their mind, getting them around to your way of thinking but just saying a few words.

This covert persuasion or conversational hypnosis is supposed to make you more confident, more successful and able to influence people without their even being aware of it.

The person being hypnotized will feel a psychological connection with you because of the fact that you display self-confidence but also understanding. Covert hypnosis is about conveying these feelings to the listener while speaking of something seemingly innocuous.

The words may not seem directly relevant but be a metaphor. They may have had deep meaning or relevance for the listener, so that it will trigger certain behaviors and feelings in that person. In a sense the listener is being tricked into believing that the speaker is speaking about something else or someone else.

Criticism of underground hypnosis

If this does sound rather farfetched and improbable, then this could be an obvious reaction. After all it sounds as though by undergoing a tutorial or reading a book any common Joe or Jane will magically transform into Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie instantly. So does it really work? Well some people learn some useful communication skills; while for others, there may be little benefit.

Then there is the other criticism that is often leveled against underground hypnosis: that it involves manipulation and even perhaps exploitation of a person; making them do things that they wouldn’t otherwise. So the efficacy as well as the ethical considerations of this type of covert influencing is something that should be considered beforehand.