Iridology: Four Eye Exams That Can Save Your Life

IridologySupporters of Iridology believe that looking into the eye, various physical and mental diseases along with cancer can be diagnosed by noting visible changes to the iris.

In fact, there are four eye exams according to Iridology supporters that can determine what type of disease may be inflicting your body or mind.

Eye Exam #1: Retinal Exam

Through retinal examination, Iridologists believe that they can find evidence that points to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, brain tumors of various degrees, parasite related infections, and even forms of cancer. These inflictions are determined by changing patterns in the retina.

Eye Exam #2: Corneal Exam

Iridologists believe that through corneal exam, they can diagnose disorders that result from excess deposits of iron and copper in various parts of the body that are located no where near the eye. This could include within the intestine and stomach.

Eye Exam #3: Sclera Exam

With the sclera exam it is believed that an overactive thyroid gland known as hyperthyroidism or Grave’s Disease can be diagnosed. This is the white portion of the eye.

Eye Exam #4: Pupil Exam

Through pupil exam, when it is not in its ordinary state and has expanded it can point to drug abuse, alcohol intoxication, diabetes, and various infectious diseases, along with vascular diseases.

Though Iridology rings true for thousands of people throughout the world, the most proven method of being diagnosed with a series illness or disease is to be examined by trained medical practitioner.

It’s always best to get two opinions!