Use Iridology to Find Health Imbalances

As kids when your parents took you to the doctor, you may remember how he used to check your eyes. You may have wondered what the doctor found in your eyes that helped him to diagnose what was wrong with you. Well, actually our eyes speak volumes not just about what our mental state is but also about our physical health and that is what Iridology is all about.

This is an alternate form of diagnosis that uses the conditions of the iris and the pupil to diagnose the conditions of the heart, lungs, spine and brain. There are simple methods to follow that can determine if there are imbalances in our body.

iridology to find health imbalances

Determining Body Imbalances Using Iridology

  • Look for a whitish gray ring around the iris. It reflects high cholesterol. This can also mean slow metabolism and that directly reflects on your digestive system.
  • The presence of a sodium ring around your iris means imbalance in your heart, brain or digestive system. It may also appear like an arch and signify the same imbalance.
  • In case you find a brown, yellow or red mark on the iris, understand that it reflects imbalance in blood circulation and metabolism.
  • In case you find your pupil dilated and your cornea yellow, be sure to test for jaundice.
  • If the iris has several hole-like dots surrounding the pupil, it means that you have tendencies to erratic low blood sugar levels.
  • If the iris has a bridge like formation with some color it in, then it means you are diabetic.

Things to Help You

You need to be able to examine the iris properly in order to deduce about imbalances and health. That is why you need to magnify your view. In these cases an iridoscope can come in handy. For better view of the iris take a picture of the iris with an iridology camera and transfer it to the computer for a better examination. Since nowadays all these cameras are digital, they can be linked to computers easily.

You must know that this is not an alternative to the field of medicine. Iridology is a holistic approach to ascertain whether you are in the pink of health and not a sure shot method of identifying your illness if any. This method can only help you to understand whether your body has imbalances of any sort and is in need of a medical practitioner.

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