Energy Kinesiology – An Art of Treating Your Body Through Muscular Biofeedback

Energy kinesiology is a technique in which practitioner works to identify and correct the areas of weakness and the imbalances of your body. It combines various healing methods such as energy healing, acupuncture, psychotherapy, and lymph drainage in order to get best results.

Energy kinesiology is a non-invasive technique, so people of all age groups and fitness levels can greatly benefit from this method.

Energy kinesiologyThe idea of muscle testing becomes very effective and versatile tool for finding and adjusting various imbalances in your body, which can relate to nutrition, stress, injuries, learning problems and many more.

This wonderful part of kinesiology is called as “muscle balancing” or “muscle resting”.

One of the good features of kinesiology is its versatility. The concepts and techniques of this method can be applied almost anywhere and at anytime.

These techniques can be extended upon and increased to suit everyone’s needs and can also be applied on yourself, within your family, or in a professional situation.

What happens during energy kinesiology session?

During energy kinesiology session, the practitioner places a limb in a specific position based on what organ needs to be treated. At this point, practitioner puts certain amount of pressure and waits for the response.

Depending on the response, he determines whether the organ is in a balanced state or it needs some work to adjust.

If the muscle fails to hold the position while testing, it denotes that there is an imbalance of energy, which needs to be corrected. This method is called as biofeedback because it collects the information about the body from the body.

After identifying the imbalances, various types of techniques are used to address the imbalances. They include: acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy, crystal work, reflexology, guided visualization, nutritional advices, and energy work.

Most of the patients respond well to energy kinesiology because it integrates wide variety of techniques, combining multiple healing methods into a single session.

Some common aspects that can be dealt with energy kinesiology

Muscle balancing: Your muscles are checked to find the strength and balance. If there are any imbalances found, they can be corrected by using simple skin surface responses that need resistance or holding the points like massage, acupuncture and other Chinese meridian systems.