Kinesiology for Occupational Therapy

Before you try to understand how Kinesiology is used in occupational therapy, it is really important to understand the term Kinesiology. In medical science it is popularly known as human kinetics as it refers to the study of human movement. The word originates from the Greek word Kinesis that means motion.

Kinesiology is now popular as a complementary therapy, which can be applied to all spheres of life and can bring positive results to your health. It is now a common practice among the doctors to educators who use the technique to treat the full spectrum of human health.

kinesiology for occupational therapy

Understanding Kinesiology Elaborately

Kinesiology is an exclusive way to communicate with the body in order to identify the stress or imbalance through which the body is going through. This holistic approach to health identifies the problem and then gives a solution by testing the muscles.

In simple terms, Kinesiology assesses the body and then treats the body, mind and soul with the mechanism of movement. It is a system of preventive health care. It helps you to have an optimum health by resolving common problems that resists you to reach out to the full potential. It helps to find the root cause and then treat the problem successfully.

Kinesiology and Occupational Therapy

To understand the integral relation between the two, you need to understand the term occupational therapy. It is a health profession which promotes health through occupation. It enables the patients or clients to get involved in various activities of regular life.  This is where the movement of the muscles comes into action. The occupational therapists help you to get engaged in activities you like to do and thus identify your problem areas, your stress levels and many more.

Although the technique of treating the patients is completely different among the occupational therapist and a Kinesiologist, yet the use of Kinesiology in Occupational therapy has brought a revolution in the world of medical science. Kinesiology acts as a foundation for occupational therapy. It is used to comprehend the forces which act on the body. It enables to manipulate these forces, mainly for the therapeutic reasons.

Use of Occupational Therapy in Kinesiology

  • The areas that are addressed by occupational therapy are mainly the performance in your occupation, its pattern, skills, contexts, client factors and many more.
  • It involves the process of evaluation, intervention and outcome.
  • The occupational therapy ultimately narrows down to the body function and the structure. The body movement that is Kinesiology is ultimately required to build up the occupational activities.

Kinesiology brings together all kinds of modalities that are always in competition with each other. It acts as a link and it has been a proved fact that combining Kinesiology with the various therapies enhances the speed of recovery of the patient. Not only physical problems can be handled, but also emotional problems along with stress that causes tension in the skeletal muscles can be handled with utmost care. A dentist to an educationalist can equally be benefitted by using the therapy of Kinesiology in their treatment.