Chinese Massage – To Energize The System Of The Body!

Chinese MassageThe main idea behind Chinese massage is- they combine massage with herbal medicines.

This massage enhances the speed, benefits and herbs act on your body.

A liniment or oils combined with herbs acts as an addition channel to pursue the benefits of herbs on your body.

Chinese massage is very much related with acupunture and qigong practice.

Massage has the unique properties of relaxing the body, the exhausted nerves and joints. This massage serves as a holistic approach to entire health care.

The idea behind the massage is to energize the system of the body, beside streaming the wayward thoughts, emotions and turning towards spiritualism.

Benefits of Chinese massage:

  • Stimulates the blood circulation as well as normalizes the nerves systems.
  • Removes scar tissues.
  • Speeds up the healing of injuries and clears the bruises.
  • Lessen the emotional stress.
  • Flexibility of the joints is increased and improves posture of the body.
  • Give relief from chronic pains.
  • Improves athletic performances.
  • Immunity system is improved to fight diseases.
  • Cure some conditions which can affect internal joints.

As the benefits are widespread, the massage is also in demand.

The main Chinese massages are:

Tui Na massage: It is derived from two Chinese words meaning “lift” and “press” respectively. It is done by deep and constant movements over body repeating hundred of times. This massage is purely based on traditional chinese massage.

Tui Na massage has an ability to treat severe chronic pains, musculoskeletal problems and even many internal diseases. They can treat joint pains and even internal problems like abdominal and digestive problems related to spleen and liver stagnation.

Arthritis pains, pulled muscles, lower back pains and sprains can also be cured with Tui Na massages.

An Mo massage: Derived from “press” and “stroke”. Massage is done to derive health maintenance and to restore the lost vitality. An Mo massage is different from Tui Na massage. It is done to balance the full body using Yang techniques for calming and relaxing the body.

An Mo has a set of blueprint of movements and techniques that which the therapist follows to massage, but these movements can be adjusted to the patient’s frequency and needs.

Dian Xue massage: It is commonly known as acupressure. It shares the common features with acupuncture therapy. Both the techniques use activating the “acupoints” to find relief from pain. The main difference is that the needles are replaced by fingers.

Side effects: The side effects are soreness and stomach rumblings after the session. These discomforts are not seen after several sessions of Chinese massage.

Actually if these signs are seen in positive aspects-the body is reacting to the massage and this is a good achievement of the massage.

Some may feel dizzy due to the adjustments made by the body to the new process. However the majority of patients feel a mood and energy level lift after 20 minutes of the session.