Different Styles Of Massage

After the binge of Christmas food and drink, and the purge of the new year’s credit card bills, some relaxation therapy may be in order.

A good massage seems just the thing for recovery — soothing, easing, toning, and leaving you ready to face the world a new woman (or man as the case may be: let’s hear it for our male readers, we know you’re out there).

Unfortunately, there’s a fair chance of getting rubbed up the wrong way, due to wild variations in technique and ability among those providing the service.

The problem is that anyone can set themselves up as a masseur or masseuse so check first. And make sure you specify you want therapeutic massage.

Distinctions between methods such as deep tissue, sports massage, Ayurvedic and reflexology can get your muscles in a knot, and recommendations from a friend who likes a gentle rub can be frustrating for those who need a more intense workout.

So what does work? Here are some examples:

Ayurvedic massage is for those who want a deep-reaching experience. Practitioner Felipe Estenos, who operates from Clontarf, dispenses with the traditional hip-high massage table. Instead, he spreads a comfortable mattress on the floor — all the better to reach you with.

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