Enjoy Tighter And Younger Skin Using Facial Massage Techniques

facial massageWhen most people think of massage, facial massage usually does not come to mind.

Your face is like your body when it comes to working muscles.

There are several muscles in your face. During the week you probably feel a certain amount of stress from every day life.

Your body may ache, and you could use a good massage. What about your face, though? Stress and fatigue can show up in your face, just like it does in your body.

Facial massage techniques will relax, and take the stress out of your face. You will feel like a brand new person, after having a facial massage.

Self Facial Massage

When you first get up in the morning, it is a good time to give yourself a facial massage. Tossing and turning, and putting your face in the creases of your pillow, will leave your face looking wrinkled and tired.

You can give yourself a wonderful facial massage. This self massage can be done with, or without, creams or oils, but using these on your face will make your face feel smooth and refreshed.

Self facial massage is easy to do. Place some carrier oil or facial massage cream in your hand, and with an upward motion, smooth it on your cheeks.

You will want to apply gentle pressure while doing this. Use your index fingers and massage around your nose, and then between your eyebrow, on your forehead, and down to your chin. This will feel luxurious to you.

Tightening Massage

For this type of massage you will only need to use your face. Open your mouth and smile widely, to stretch out the muscles around your mouth.

Tighten the skin under your chin, and hold for a few seconds, repeating several times. Crinkle up your nose, and hold at least five times.

After you have done this resistance massage to your face, you may want to apply a soothing, aromatic cream to your face.

Using Pressure Points

Pressure points can often feel like taut bands inside the soft tissues of your face. These points can be found in certain places on your face. A trained massage therapist will know exactly where to massage to sooth these areas.

Targeting these pressure points in your face could relieve your headaches. You will feel very relaxed after your therapist massages all of your pressure points. The mental stress that you are feeling will disappear, and for a short while everything will be right with the world.

Shiatsu and Your Face

Shiatsu works on the acupoints in your face. This massage makes use of your thumbs. For a refreshing massage, use your thumb to trace a line with gentle pressure from between your eyebrows up to your hairline, massaging as you go.

Use your thumbs again to gently massage your eyebrows from in between your eyes to your temple. Be very careful around your temple area though. There are many Shiatsu massage techniques that will help you feel invigorated.

Facial massage will help you to stay looking younger and healthier.