Find Out The Technique Involved In Shiatsu Massage For Restoring Your Energy!

Shiatu MassageShiatsu is also called as acupressure (finger pressure technique). Shiatsu massage is done by applying pressure using thumbs, finger and palms.

Shiatsu massage is applied on the spots which are determined during the evaluation period before the Shiatsu massage is started.

Shiatsu massage will not use any needle pokes. The techniques involved in Shiatsu massage are tapping, squeezing, rubbing and applied pressure.

These techniques are applied along the meridians (which unblock the energy) for restoring the energy.

Shiatsu massage will provide the following benefits:

Shiatsu massage is used for physical, emotional and mental disorders.

  • This will provide the deep muscle and tissue relaxation.
  • This helps in managing and reducing your stress.
  • If Shiatsu massage is done on the muscle, then the toxins which are secreted by muscles are removed.
  • This massage will help you in increasing your body’s flexibility.
  • This will help in improving your blood circulations.
  • Doing this massage will reduce the blood pressure.
  • This massage will help in reducing mental anxieties.
  • This massage will improve your mental and spiritual awareness.
  • This will help in maintaining your nerves calm.
  • This is used for correcting your body imbalances.
  • This massage will help in alleviating disorders (depression, anxiety, nausea, stiffness, headache, arthritis and pulled muscles).
  • It is used for promoting and maintaining your health condition.
  • Finally you can feel good by doing this massage.

Shiatsu massage unifies medical, spiritual and psychological aspects of your body.

Shiatsu self massages will help you to do at your own place:

The following are the self massage techniques which are simple and easy to do.

  • For relaxation hold feet and thumb on your feet and then press it into sole. Now you can rub it vigorously across the sole. This self massage helps in increasing your tolerance and relaxation.
  • Shiatsu massage is done on your both feet, while squatting (sitting on your heels). Now push your thumbs into soles and fingers press up. This technique is used for relaxing your nerves and increases sensitivity and balance.
  • Separate each toe of one leg by holding thumb and index finger in between the toes. Then do massage and release. This helps in increasing your energy flow from feet to chest.
  • Another technique for flow of energy from chest to feet is done by applying even pressure against your chest and then move your fingers slowly up and down.
  • Another self technique is that, first you have to use your knuckles for sliding up and down on your spine. By doing this, pressure increases and promotes your energy flow from head to feet.

The above self Shiatsu massages will help in increasing energy flow and give relaxation. Shiatsu massage is used for healing physical, mental and emotional disorders.