Learn How To Give Massage With These Tips

Massages are the most therapeutic form of relaxation you can give to yourself and to other people.

There are many kinds of massages, but massages usually have one basic underlying premise and that is to use the hands or fingers to gently break up knots in the muscles and tendons.

If you want to help someone relax, you can easily learn how to give a massage in just a few steps. 

In fact, if you know how to give a massage you can also use this to ease yourself of tension and stress, or teach someone how to do a massage the way you like.

Here are a few basic steps in learning how to give a massage to someone:

  1. Ask the person to lie down on their stomach on a flat and smooth surface where they are comfortable in, such as a bed.
  2. Ask the person what type of lubricant they prefer. Popular choices include lavender oil for relaxation, or mentholated oil for those who are experiencing severe muscle aches and pains.
  3. The main spots you should be focusing on, when learning how to give a massage, are the neck, head, back, and shoulders. These are the areas where tension and stress[way to relieve stress] usually accumulate in the form of knots in and in between muscles.
  4. The next step for you in knowing how to give a massage is by using your hands to gently massage in circular motion to both sides of the head. Use your fingers then to gently apply pressure behind the ears and around the head area for about five to ten minutes.
  5. Use your thumb to run down from the person’s head to the top of the spine. This area in the neck should feel relieved from tension as it holds a significant amount of tension and stress. Another important thing when you are learning how to give a massage is to focus on the area beneath the skull, where it meets the neck. Tension in this area is usually the cause of headaches.
  6. As you progress, you will get used to learning how to give a massage. The pressure you apply should be communicated with the person, in case at times it may be too strong or if they prefer for more pressure to be applied in a certain area.
  7. From the neck, move your hands to the person’s shoulders. Focus on the use of your thumbs and index finger for each side; keeping them close to one another when learning how to give a massage. The motion used should be similar to that when you are breaking up pieces of bread. Slight pressure should be applied in these areas for about 5 minutes or until you feel you have cleared up the knots.
  8. Furthermore, the next step when learning how to give a massage is to use your palms and gently glide this down to the back region. Use a gentle sliding method to go up and down, giving equal time for each area. When you reach the spine, apply very gentle pressure on each of the shoulder blades until you reach the bottom.