Massage Therapy for Common Ailments

Experts on physical therapies for rehabilitation patients at the University of Alabama, Birmingham have found that massage therapy is useful in curing common ailments such as cold, skin conditions and high blood pressure. The research provided useful insights into the kinds of benefits that massages can provide. It says that that the effects of massage are both immediate and cumulative.

Massage Therapy for Common Ailments

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massages come in many types. Among them Swedish massage is the most common one. It is meant for those who want to relieve stress. Deep tissue massage is another one which is beneficial for those with deeper aches and pains. There are two other therapy types called neuromuscular massage and trigger point massage which benefit everyone and is universal.

When looking for a massage the following aspects have to be considered:

  1. The type of massage therapy offered by the therapist
  2. Experience of the therapist in giving such a massage
  3. Basis and origin of the massage and its focal points

Recommendations of the Author

Arnold Kelly is a massage therapist at the outpatient department of the rehabilitation center at UAB. According to him, if you are someone who looks at massage as an outlet and a relaxation method then the benefits of such massage can be experienced by going for it once in a month. But for those who look at massage as a therapy that relieves pain and ailments, a massage as often as once a day is recommended. Most people opting for massage for either reason go to the masseurs at an average of once every week. Whatever be the reasons, it is advice that massage as a therapy should be considered after due permission from the physician, especially if you are taking medication and suffering from physical ailments.