Raindrop Therapy Massage Benefits

Before thinking about the raindrop therapy massage benefits, you should know that it involves applying essential oils to the neck, spine and feet. Although a massage session lasts for only a week, you can experience the benefits for over a week.

Raindrop Therapy Massage Benefits

Balance of the energy centers

Through the techniques that are used for the massage, there is structural and electrical alignment brought to your body. The blend of essential oils that is used is known as ‘chiropractor in the bottle’ because of the effects that it has on people’s bodies.

Re-aligning the spine

When thinking about the advantage of raindrop therapy massage it is good to know that the microbes that can be found along the spine often contribute to back problems, such as scoliosis. Marjoram, oregano, basil and thyme oils have anti-viral and antibacterial characteristics.

Anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress are something that we all have in our lives, but the raindrop therapy massage benefits also involves them. The oils used can enhance the positive emotions and they help release the negative ones that are stored on a cellular level.

Reducing inflammation

If you are thinking about the raindrop massage therapy advantages, you should know that there are three kinds of essential oils used: thyme, wintergreen and peppermint that are known to have anti-inflammatory abilities.

Relaxing the muscle

Usually the people who have busy lives have spastic, sore and stressed muscles. Muscle conditions can be easily treated through using basil, marjoram, wintergreen, peppermint and cypress essential oils as one of the raindrop therapy massage benefits. They are really efficient in case of the more common muscle problems.

Making pain better

The people interested in the upside of the raindrop therapy massage should know that one of the studies conducted in the field showed that there are infectious microorganisms near the spine that often cause inflammation and pain. This is something that the essential oils can help you with. These microorganisms can hibernate until your immune system gets weakened and then they hit. The essential oils will create a hostile environment for these microorganisms.

You don’t have to believe everything you hear about the raindrop therapy massage benefits, but there is nothing to lose if you try the massage once. You could realize that it is something special and getting a massage can become a regular activity for you.

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