Side Effects of Foot Massage

Foot massage is one of the massage techniques that help to relieve many health problems. The massage assists in increasing oxygen and blood circulation by applying pressure on various reflex points and nerve endings. The end result of a foot massage is to help the person regain energy after all the toxins are expelled from the body. While foot massage is very useful it can cause some side effects as well. So it is best to keep a watch on these side effects in order to protect from any adverse impact on the health in the long run.

Side Effects of Foot Massage

Side Effects of Foot Massage 

The various kinds of side effects that a person may have after a foot massage are:

  • Some people develop cold or flu symptoms after undertaking a foot massage. This usually occurs due to the process of expelling toxins from the body and may subside in a day or two after the massage. But one should consult a physician when these symptoms do not subside or become worse over a period of time.
  • Some others may experience extreme tiredness that is associated with headache. Though the headache disappears after a good sleep it is advisable to note if the same continues for a prolonged period.
  • There are some people who end up with tenderness or extreme sensitivity in the feet after the massage. This is a temporary condition and subsides after the person takes a short walk or a warm bath.
  • Other common side effects can be feeling nauseating or sweating excessively or even have some mild rashes on the skin. Over a period of two days these symptoms should subside by following a soft diet which is easy to digest and following a good sleep pattern. Else it is best for the person to seek medical advice to resolve any enhanced issues in health.
  • Another temporary side effect that has been observed after a foot massage is frequent urination and bowel movement for a couple of days. This usually takes place to expel the toxins that have been accumulated in the body over a period of time. One should consumer smaller meals and also add lots of liquids and fruit juices to the diet which can help alleviate the symptoms faster. If the symptoms do not come down then one should consult a doctor immediately in order to avoid getting completely dehydrated.

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