Swedish Massage Side Effects

Who would have ever thought that a nice massage can have side effects? However, you should know about the Swedish massage side effects. These don’t appear frequently and you won’t see them if you have a massage every once in a while. Nonetheless having the massage too often can do more harm than good.

Swedish Massage Side Effects


Soreness appears because the body isn’t used to deep tissue treatment to get rid of stress. After a massage session of this kind, it is possible for the body to feel numb. The feeling is something like the way you feel after a serious workout session. The good news is that the soreness doesn’t last long as it will be gone in 2-3 days.


It is common to experience nausea as one of the negative effects of Swedish massage. Usually it lasts until the end of the massage session. The side effect appears because during the massage toxins are drained from the body. While this can lead to discomfort, on the long run it has more advantages than disadvantages.

Headaches and bruising

While these are possible Swedish massage side effects, you should remember that people rarely encounter them. Regarding headaches, you should know that they are usually caused by spending too much time on the massage table while lying down.

If you are thinking about bruising as one of the Swedish massage negative effects, you should know that in the majority of the cases there is no reason for concern. The bruising is rarely observed. If it appears, it is because the massage therapist applied too much pressure on one spot.

What to do about the Swedish massage side effects?

Keep in mind that such side effects are rarely experienced. If you do notice them, make sure that you drink plenty of water because this can help with the discomfort and the body will recover a lot sooner. Even if you notice side effects, you shouldn’t miss out on the regular massages.

There are people who see the adverse effects of Swedish massage from time to time when they need to relieve their muscles from all the accumulated tension, because there is no better way to achieve this than through deep tissue massage.

In case you see the Swedish massage side effects several times, you should talk to your massage therapist so that he or she will apply less pressure the next time.