The Benefits Of Kerala Massage

massageOne particular kind of Ayurvedic massage that is really catching on is the Kerala or Kairali style of massage.

A beautiful sleepy state in the southernmost part of India is known as god’s own country not only because of its spectacular scenery but also because of the kind of rejuvenation that people experience by virtue of the massage that is typical of the place.

This kind of massage is part of a 5000 year old holistic healing tradition of the country and is known to strengthen and balance the entire body, improving circulation and vitality, and rejuvenating the skin.

It is also thought that this kind of massage helps to purge the body of toxins as well as stress. This massage involves the use of oils which are enriched with medicinal herbs and employs certain specific massage technique which is why it is particularly well known for its curative and healing properties.

According to expert practitioners of this kind of massage, different types and various concentrations of medicated oils are used for the therapies, depending on each individual patient’s constitution.

So in this sense the massage is personalized to a degree. Kerala massage can have the dual benefit of calming and relaxing the mind as well as rejuvenating the body:

Physical benefits from this technique of massage include increased joint flexibility, better blood circulation, as well as speeding up the healing of scar tissue. Also it reduces actual physical fatigue and helps in easing muscle spasms and cramps. It has even been known to ease problems such as high blood pressure and migraine. It reduces the tension within the muscles that manifests itself by knotted tense muscles.

Mental and Emotional Benefits include release and lessening of stress, promotion of relaxation and a feeling of overall wellbeing. It helps center the mind and aids in clearer thinking. This is a vigorous form of massage that is seen to not only reduce stress but also increase energy levels and recharge an individual.

It is important to make sure that trained practitioners of this kind of massage perform it, because this is a system that has been handed down over the ages and consists of some very precise and well defined massage techniques. Also the preparation of the medicinal oils is a matter of particular training so that the person is able to get the maximum benefits from the treatment.