The Different Full Body Massage Techniques and Tips

A full body massage is a massage therapy that involves the massaging of the entire body and involves actions such as stroking, kneading, pressing etc.

A full body massage can be done by following many different methods and ways and for each different technique, a different name has been given to the massage.

For example, in a deep tissue massage, intense pressure is applied on all the body parts for relieving muscle pain and stiffness whereas a Swedish massage involves stroking and kneading in a rather soft manner. To know about the full body massage techniques and tips, you can go through the following given information:

The Different Full Body Massage Techniques and Tips

Before the Massage

  • A full body massage must always be given on a massage table with the person facing downwards and lying upside down.
  • If you don’t have a proper massage table, then you can use another horizontal surface such as a bed, floor or any other table.
  • You must always use a lubricating oil or a lotion while doing any kind of a full body massage as it helps to reduce the friction and makes the massage free flowing and easy.
  • You can play soft music in the background and use aromatic oils to build up a calming environment.

During the Massage

  • The full body massage therapy must start at the legs and one must massage the foot first and move up towards the buttocks. Each leg must be separately given the massage.
  • Next up should be the back, starting with the lower back and moving up till the neck area.
  • The arms must be massaged after the back and the palms too must be focused in a full body therapy.
  • After this, the client must be asked to turn around and then the legs must be massaged on the front side.
  • One must be careful while massaging the abdomen and soft circular movements must be used in the clockwise direction.
  • A soft facial massage or head massage too can be given for overall relaxation.

Some Techniques

  • Stroking is a technique in which massage is given by using fingertips or the palm.
  • Rubbing is using the palms firmly across the skin of the client. This technique increases circulation and hence must be used in a full body massage.
  • Kneading is using the hands like in the case of kneading dough. Kneading is also a popular full body massage technique.
  • Tapping is a drumming movement made with the help of the fingertips.