The Best Therapeutic Hand Massage Tips

The therapeutic hand massage tips can be used for many purposes. These include preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, relaxing the tense muscles, making pain better or improving the movement of the hands. You can use different techniques while sitting or standing.

Therapeutic Hand Massage Tips

Finger squeezing

For this tip you will have to use your left index finger’s tip and your thumb and start padding.

Place these fingers of the left hand over the fingers of your right hand. Firmly but gently squeeze the fingers of your hand in the entire length until you get to the tip. When you reach the tip, start squeezing again, all the way down.

Hand roll

For this tip for therapeutic hand massage you should use a tennis ball as a tool. Start by getting the tennis ball between the hands. Firmly but gently press the palms together, increasing the pressure against the tennis ball. Start rolling the ball to the tip of your hands and then back to the wrist.

This one of the therapeutic hand massage tips tells you to repeat the exercise ten times. Then let your hands relax for ten seconds. After this you should start rolling the ball from side to side between the tips and the wrist. Repeat this movement ten times.


This therapeutic hand massage tip is quite simple: you just have to rub your hands against each other so that the muscles relax and that the hands warm up. Start by placing the hands together and then start rubbing as fast as you can until they get warm.

Another idea regarding this one of the therapeutic hand massage tips is to put your right palm over your left hand and start rubbing. Rub for a couple of seconds then stop. This way you massage your left hand. Then repeat the movement with the other hand as well.

Tendon roll

According to this one of the therapeutic hand massage ideas you have to use circulatory motions along with gentle pressing to relax the tendons of your hands. Sit at a table and rest your right arm on it. Then take a tennis ball and with your left hand start rolling it from your elbow to your wrist. Repeat on the other side too.

The best thing about the therapeutic hand massage tips is that you don’t need any help from others to use them.